Expanding School-Based Health: Insight from Assessment Key to Upcoming Launch

Lots of exciting work has been going on related to the Foundation’s Support for School Nurses initiative!

In April, the Foundation had the honor of co-presenting with the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) at the Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners (PASNAP) Virtual Conference. The presentation reviewed the results of the needs assessment of Northeastern Pennsylvania school nurses that the Foundation contracted with NASN to complete. School nurses from throughout the region and state had the opportunity to provide feedback on the assessment, as well as the Foundation’s corresponding draft strategy to address related gaps. It was very encouraging to hear from the audience that the findings and plans resonated strongly with them.

PASNAP’s Friend of School Nursing Award

At the same conference, the Foundation was also honored to receive PASNAP’s Friend of School Nursing Award. The statewide award is presented annually and recognized the Foundation’s commitment to partnering with school nurses to support their work on the frontlines of children’s health. Our organization has the utmost respect for the challenging, crucial work that school nurses do, and is grateful for the opportunity to partner with them.

Currently, the Foundation is gearing up for the broader public release of the needs assessment, as well as the launch of a public relations campaign to raise awareness about the role of the modern school nurse. Expect to hear more from us at back-to-school time!

Christine Marcos
Program Officer