Biennial report released

Oct - Fri - 2018
October 5, 2018

2017/2018 Biennial Report

This annual report highlights that in the nonprofit sector, evaluation can be intimidating. It’s viewed as a critical ruler that measures a program’s value and worth. A compliance requirement that organizations use to secure funding. A hoop funders require grantees to jump through. We see it differently.

We know the complex, incremental work of improving people’s health and transforming a community is tough. Progress can be difficult to measure and results can shift as circumstances do. An intentional commitment to learning is our best tactic to gauge impact, direct finite resources, and know when it’s time to change course.

We embrace an approach to evaluation and learning that puts our partners and the people they serve at the center. We encourage our partners to ask questions and set metrics that give them the insight and information they need to do their work well. In turn, we use our grantees’ progress reports to instruct us on where we need to invest more or invest differently to achieve our shared goals.

Throughout this biennial report we highlight stories of how our partners are using evaluation and learning to inform their work. With each story we also share our own learning journey—what we’re learning about what it takes to be a valued community partner, and to support and catalyze meaningful impact in Northeast Pennsylvania.

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