Evaluation Criteria

All grant proposals will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

1. Fit with the Foundation’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Investment Areas

  • Mission: To improve the health of people in Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Vision: Providing opportunities for people in Northeastern Pennsylvania, especially the most vulnerable, to lead healthy lives
  • Values: Compassion, respect, and dignity; Ethics, integrity, and trust; Stewardship, transparency, and accountability; Courage, open-mindedness, and diversity; Informed decision-making and fairness
  • Investment Areas: Health and Healthcare; Primary Healthcare for the Economically Disadvantaged; Mental Health and Behavioral Health; Dental Care and Oral Health; Healthcare Workforce; Human Services

2. Organizational Capacity

  • Clear mission, vision, and strategy: The organization has a clear mission and vision.
  • Strong track record of service to the community: The organization has a history of running successful programs and projects.
  • Strong leadership and management: Staff, partners, and leadership possess the knowledge, skills, training, and experience necessary to implement this project.
  • Engaged board of directors: The board is well-structured, with sufficient membership and engagement.
  • Commitment to collaboration and learning: All participants have a common understanding of the problem and a shared vision for change.
  • Sound financial management: The organization is financially sound, with credible and committed funders, good financial history, and adequate budget size.

3. Soundness of Project

  • Evidence of sound methodology: The proposal identifies a clear plan for what the organization intends to achieve.
  • Project reflects knowledge of the field, target populations, and the local community: Target population and community need are clearly defined. Target population is in need of the proposed services.
  • Clear plan for implementation: There is a clear plan for how the organization will execute the proposed activities.
  • Sufficient staffing and partnerships to ensure success: The organization has appropriate executive and staff leadership to execute the proposed project.
  • Appropriate budget: Budget is clear and realistic; budgeted line items are appropriate and reasonable; budget includes a long-range plan that reasonably reflects the organization’s ability to sustain the project beyond the grant period (if applicable).

4. Potential for Impact

  • Clear, realistic, measurable goals and outcomes: The proposal describes clear, measurable outcomes and goals.
  • Clear plan for how goals and outcomes will be achieved: This project can be successfully implemented to address the stated needs and achieve the desired outcomes.

Grant Eligibility and Restrictions

Applicants must have a 501c3 and serve people within Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Foundation will not fund individuals, religious organizations for religious or evangelical purposes, fundraising events, endowment funds, research, or debt retirement.

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