Proposal Guidelines

Moses Taylor Foundation’s Quarterly Grant Application includes the following four components: Organizational Profile & Executive Summary, Proposal Narrative, Budget Narrative, and Required Attachments. Applicants must submit a complete proposal by the deadline date and time to be considered for funding.

Discretionary Grant Proposals (up to $20,000) require only the Organizational Profile & Executive Summary and Budget Narrative. Please feel free to contact Ellen Stevens, Operations and Grants Manager, with any questions regarding proposal submission.

I. Organizational Profile & Executive Summary

  • Legal Organization Name
  • Tax ID#, Year Incorporated
  • Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Website
  • Organization Budget for Current Fiscal Year 
  • Mission
  • CEO/Executive Director Name, Title, Email Address, Telephone Number
  • Project Contact Name, Title, Email Address, Telephone Number
  • Project Title
  • Amount Requested and Term
  • Executive Summary of Proposed Project (approximately 300 words)
  • Moses Taylor Investment Area
  • Type of Support (Capital, Operating, Program, Capacity Building)
  • Northeastern Pennsylvania County(ties) Targeted

II. Proposal Narrative (Quarterly proposals only)

  • Describe your organization – its history, primary activities, populations served, and recent accomplishments.
  • Describe the purpose of the project and the need or problem it is intended to address.
  • Discuss your organization’s capacity to undertake the project and the capacity of key partners, if relevant.
  • Outline the planned project activities and timeline.
  • Detail anticipated goals and outcomes and how they will be measured.
  • What, if any, plans do you have to continue this project beyond the requested grant period?
  • How do you solicit feedback from your participants?  Do you have a system in place to make changes to your program(s) based on the feedback received?

III. Budget Narrative

Using the general format provided, outline all costs related to the grant request. Adjust line items as needed to reflect actual project budget.

Download General Budget Format

IV. Required Attachments (Quarterly proposals only)

The following attachments must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel format. Other formats will not be accepted.

  1. Current audited financial statements and management letter
  2. Organization budget for current fiscal year
  3. Organizational chart
  4. List of Board Members including professional affiliations
  5. Letters of support from partner organizations, when appropriate

As part of the review process, the Foundation may request additional information relevant to your proposal. It is not necessary to submit additional documentation (job descriptions, resumes, tax exempt status, etc.) at this time.

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