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Pre-Application Meeting

Grantmaking is a collaborative process. Every opportunity starts with an idea and grows stronger through listening and conversation.

I've seen firsthand how an exploratory chat can spark new perspectives, generate novel ideas for partnerships, and drive organizations towards even greater possibilities. This is why — although all applicants must schedule a pre-application meeting before a proposal submission — I truly enjoy the opportunity to connect with you.

A pre-application conversation with you helps me learn about your organization’s needs and interests, before you invest time in creating a detailed, formal proposal. It helps me determine if your request aligns with Moses Taylor Foundation’s priorities and allows me to guide you through our process. I can also ask questions, provide feedback, and suggest other potential resources.

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Pre-application meetings can happen in person or virtually. They tend to focus on an already-established project description, goals, budget, impacts, and milestones. No matter how the conversation takes shape, the most important thing is that it starts.

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Connect and Catch Up

If your organization has received a grant from the Foundation in the past and it’s been awhile since we’ve been in touch, please reach out! I’d love to hear about your new initiatives, emerging needs, upcoming projects, and what’s happening within your service area. Even if you aren’t planning to submit a formal grant request, I invite you to connect about what's happening with your work.

And, if we haven’t met before, please schedule a time and introduce yourself. I’d love to learn more about you, your background, and what excites you about your work in NEPA.

I know not all organizations have the time or the development staff to formally engage with funders in a structured way, and others simply haven’t had the opportunity -- take this as my open invitation to informally connect, chat, and catch up.

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I hope to see you soon!

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