Employment Opportunity and Training Center (EOTC)

Jun - Fri - 2017
June 9, 2017
Employment Opportunity and Training Center (EOTC)

Comfort Items Project

EOTC provides parent-child education and workforce services in the Lackawanna County area focusing on promoting family stability and economic self-sufficiency.

Healthy Workplace Grant Overview:

For its Healthy Workplace grant, each employee at EOTC selected a comfort item to integrate into their workspace. These items included lumbar supports, wrist rests, vertical mice and desk lamps. EOTC also purchased an elliptical and hand weights that all employees can utilize.
Renee Arledge, Operations Director at EOTC, remarked how quickly the idea gained momentum. "When we first found out about the opportunity, it's like a light bulb went on," she said. "Yes, our staff works hard. Yes, we should see what would make them the most happy and healthy in our work environment."
Once items arrived, Renee saw changes for the better throughout the office.
"I see staff sitting with their desk lamps on and not squinting to see the work. Others are working at their desk and not rubbing their shoulders because they now have a warm shoulder wrap. Overall, I see a group of hardworking people more relaxed and happy," she explained.

Why We Support This Work:

Our support of EOTC's Comfort Items Project promotes a healthier, more productive work environment for all of its employees by providing practical items on an individual basis. 

How You Can Make It Happen*:

  • Ask your staff for feedback of what would make them happier and healthier around the office.
  • It's important to encourage staff to stand up and move for about five minutes every hour. Too much time spent sitting can cause a lot of aches and pains.
  • Here's some proactive suggestions we can all take up:
    • Take a short stroll around your department a few times a day, or visit coworkers instead of emailing or calling. 
    • Skip the elevator, and even try taking steps two at a time every other flight.
    • Stand whenever you can, even at your desk. Keeping good posture and practicing deep breathing every so often can strengthen your core muscles, lower your heart rate and even help you relax.
*Special thanks to the University of Scranton Center for Health Education & Wellness for their contributions.
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