Luzerne County Community College

Jul - Tue - 2017
July 18, 2017

Luzerne County Community College

Wellness Walking Path Project

The mission of Luzerne County Community College is to provide excellence in education, foster student success in achievement of goals, and positively impact Luzerne County and the surrounding Northeastern Pennsylvania region.


Healthy Workplace Grant Overview:

Luzerne County Community College is using its Healthy Workplace grant to
develop a wellness walking path on its main campus in Nanticoke. The funding will purchase paint, a measuring wheel, signage for directions, distance markers and even exercise stations along the way. 
Miranda Costawho works with the Physical Education department and the Fitness Center/Gymnasium on campus, recognized walking as something many already do on campus and wanted to find ways to improve the experience for everyone.
"We felt it would be most utilized; we could mark out a path, a safe zone, as a place for everyone to use. Right now people wander through the parking lots, but now we can map something out and keep everyone safe," Miranda explained.
Though the process is still underway as LCCC prepares for its new fiscal and academic year, Miranda and others on campus, including Machelle Smith, Secretary for College Relations, have plans for the path's mile markers and exercise stations.
"We want to try to keep the employees here healthy and active, and walking is the easiest thing to do around campus," Machelle added.

Why We Support This Work:

This project creates a healthier workplace at Luzerne County Community College by promoting not only walking more but also other exercises along the path. It allows for a stronger community where members of campus can walk together safely and accessibly.

How You Can Make It Happen*:

  • Encourage employees to stand up and walk around their department, office, or surrounding area throughout the day.
  • Employees can get together to mark paths to know how far they are walking. It only takes a few measurements to map out how far a mile is in the office or around a building.
  • Post signs or send out weekly reminders with exercises employees can do at their desks or while walking.
  • Try walking meetings. They are touted as a way to improve health while also strengthening work relationships. Click here to learn more about these types of meetings.
*Special thanks to the University of Scranton Center for Health Education & Wellness for their contributions.
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