Schedule a Meeting

At Moses Taylor Foundation, we approach our grantmaking with humility, transparency, and open-mindedness. We welcome the opportunity to meet with others working to make our community a healthier place.

Pre-Submission Meeting

Grantmaking is a collaborative process. Every opportunity starts with an idea and grows stronger through listening and conversation.

We request that prospective grantees schedule a pre-submission meeting prior to applying for funding. This informal conversation helps us learn more about your organization's needs and interests, determine if your request aligns with the Foundation’s priorities, and guide you through our application process.

Click here to review our grant application process and timelines.

To schedule a meeting, send an email to Lisa Savero-Mooney with the subject line "Proposal Meeting Request."

Connect and Catch Up

If your organization has received a grant from the Foundation in the past and it’s been a while since we’ve been in touch, please reach out! And even if we haven't worked together before, you are welcome to schedule time to introduce your organization. We love to hear about new initiatives, emerging needs, and upcoming projects.

To schedule a meeting, send an email to Lisa Savero-Mooney.

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