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Jun - Mon - 2017
June 12, 2017
The Wright Center

Mother's Room Project
The mission of The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education is to continuously improve education and patient care in a collaborative spirit to enhance outcomes, access and affordability.

Healthy Workplace Grant Overview:

The Wright Center has put its Healthy Workplace grant to use in developing a mother's room for its employees: a quiet and private area dedicated to mothers looking to breast pump during the work day. When completed the room will have a hospital-grade breast pump, a cushioned chair and footstool, a refrigerator, dimmable lighting and calming décor. 
Jenny Hetro, Director of Communications at The Wright Center, expressed why she is happy seeing this room come to fruition. "It's awesome to put this room together and to feel supported in using it," she explained. "The comfort aspect is really important, and it's great knowing it's starting to be seen as a normal thing to step out during the work day to use it."
Brian Ebersole, Senior Vice President for Mission Delivery, further explained the importance of this company culture change. "We want to make sure we create opportunities for these mothers to return to a supportive environment that recognizes their needs," he said. "We want to create a healthy culture for all people to be able to thrive."

Why We Support This Work:

Moses Taylor Foundation's support of The Wright Center's Mother's Room Project enables new mothers who are breastfeeding to reintegrate back into work by allowing them the space to pump at the office. By providing a designated private area, mothers are able to feel more comfortable returning to work and can produce more milk in this conducive setting. This project also coincides with The Wright Center's mission to educate and enhance outcomes and access with regard to self-care and family care.

How You Can Make It Happen*:

  • Start with a small space, somewhere that is quiet and private with an outlet. 
  • It doesn't need to be glamorous, but don't use a bathroom. 
  • If you can, have the room be close to a sink of some kind, like near a breakroom. 
  • If people in the office are uncomfortable at first about the room, keeping things light-hearted is important.
*Special thanks to the University of Scranton Center for Health Education & Wellness for their contributions.
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